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June 12, 2011

Photoshoot by Pelon shot at DreamGirls

An improvised set can sometimes be an occasion to make an outstanding work... Just look at the pictures Pelon Beaton made me during a visit in a newly built land that I hope will become a set for new upcoming films! Just see and judge by youself...

June 3, 2011

Sex at High Altitude - TNA Flight 69 by Pelon Beaton

This time we had great time on a flight at TNA Airlines... this time the great porn producer Pelon Beaton set its latest film in one of the most famous RP lands in sl, featuring a complete airport and plane setting!
He outlined pefecly the look and tarste of a real travel with amusing and entertaining lines to introduce the really hot scenes that take place inside the plane :) A really good job, outlined by an appropriate soundtrack ("Volare" by Domenico Modugno, an old classic italian singer)

Check the hot movie and more snapshots right after the jump!

March 22, 2011

Quinn in Venice by Pelon

The famous director and photographer Pelon Beaton featured me some time ago in a photoshoot and a couple of films located in a beautifully reconstructed Venice sim, in the region of Prada. All the works are awesome and made in the typical style of Pelon, rich in sensuality and in visual effects.


Don't forget to check the second one, featuring me driving a gondola around the canal, for the joy of my old and dear friend Pelon. It's amazing and funny at the same time to see me in this unusual role :)
Click the link to see the full article. Hugsss and Kisses :)

November 14, 2010

Taxi Driver - The newest film by Pelon

One night I found myself lost into a dark obscure city, controlled by a few mafia gangs, running on illegal activities and fighting for the city domination... A taxy driver offered to take me home, but since I had no money to pay the ride, so I had to offer something else as a payment...

The newest Pelon film, this film has been shot live during a roleplay session at Syn City, featuring me and himself performing on a yellow cab parked in one of city's squares...

Read the original Pelon post here:
And the movie, after the break!!

November 7, 2010

New film from Pelon! IMPLANTS PARTY

Another great production from Syn city porn studios, directed by Pelon Beaton and featuring me, the busty porn actress Trixie Corpur and the new porn producer Mercy Beaumont!

See the film at Pelon's website, or right after the jump!!!

November 3, 2010

Boat ride becomes a cock ride - By Pelon Beaton

I got the honor to make a ride on Pelon's Riva motorboat... YAY!! After accepting his teleport, I found myself running all along his private lagoon, the sea wind blowing through my hair... The ride ended soon on a deserted beach, where we passed some more intimate moments....

See the film after the jump!

October 21, 2010

Quinn Ying is pregnant & loves sex: new film by Pelon

I met the sweet Pelon at the end of a long photoshoot at Abrico, I'll blog about in the next days.He reached me on the top of the lighthouse and took me by surprise... and what a pleasurable surprise! Pelon is one of my most sweetest friends and is always an immense pleasure to meet him...
He asked about my current conditions (I'm at the end of a beautiful pregnancy) and offered to help me relaxing on a chaise longue near the foreshore...
We had something like a corner of paradise together, he let me have sex the way I love the most and made me enjoy every moment...

You can see the awesome vid he shot on the rest of this article...

October 6, 2010

Lapdance Lesson - Sex on a chair with Pelon

I recently got an invitation by a famous director to pose for a photoshoot. He offered to give me a lapdance lesson, and I gladly accepted... What follows is a hard core scene worth to watch...

By Quinn Ying

Special thanks to Pelon Beaton for the lapdance lesson

September 10, 2010

Hot lapdance for Pelon - Private sexy show

Met Pelon Peaton on a romantic beach at sunset, got charmed by his enchanting warmth... When he asked me to pose for a photoshoot, I gladly accepted and stripped in front of his camera. The location moved to his room, where I was able to show him my skills in hot body to body dance...

For more pics, follow this link!!!