December 30, 2011

Quinn Shower: Director Damn*Hawt doesn't hide anymore :)

Inspiration for a movie can come from anywhere: A beautiful location, a smooth and expressive animation, or a suggestive music. Director's mains skill is to perceive all these stimuli, and turn them in a mashup where they can't be distinguished anymore from each other, giving back what director felt.
This film shows all this abilities, Damn*Hawt is a direcror able to create an athmosphere and a really hot sequence where nobody else could even imagine it.

Damn*hawt photography

Posed for a talented photographer and movie maker, Damn*Hawt really surprised me for his skills and ability to add dramaticity to his pictures... Mastering a wide range of techniques, he's able to render whatever sensation of the full spectrum a pic is able to transmit. Keep up the good job!

December 27, 2011

Niclas Enzo Photography: Great edits for looooong cumshots

Reserving a special place for a long time due credit: Photographer Niclas Enzo took these of me a long time ago, but my blog stood neglected and never showerd his works.... They're unique, very detailed and achieve an extraordinary level of realism.
See yourself the way he renders dramatic pictures by the use of awesome panoramasand a wise mix of sl and rl pics!

Dirrrty for Phil

Posing for Phil Sidek can take so much work, to prepare the proper lights, outfit and so on... This great pic he took of me required more than a hour and a half, lots of efforts and blue pills by Phil for me to get all the cum in place... But so satisfying :)

Quinn's Orgy by Alex Productions: Check out my fav genre!

Been makin not so many gangbang and bukkake moves so far.... too bad because they'can be really hot and dirty :) Director Alexcuck by Alex Productions exploited this sweet spot I have to make an impressive movie, fast paced, outstanding soundtrack, and some of the hottest scenes I've been in so far... Enjoy it!

September 16, 2011

How to make SL machinima - quick filming guide

This guide is provided as a tool to allow every user to start producing their own machinima, with the least effort and as quickly as possible.

It comprises ways to get around some of the most common pitfalls an inexperienced user might fall into, and the best hints to achieve a quality clip with the least effort. The basic steps are explained, providing valuable sources where needed, happy filming!

September 9, 2011

Sunset Foursome - hot action by Em & Lil Studios

Two women and two men get together at sundown for a fun foursome
Starring: Quinn Ying, Tyler St Taylor, Lexington Ballinger & Pump Action

The 6th movie Em & lil Studios has produced and neither Em or lil is in it!!
We didn't need to we had a fantastic cast.

September 8, 2011

Aum Parx - A new promising actor and photographer in the SL porn scene

Aum Parx is a new photographer in the SL Flickr community... Apparently at his beginnings, Aum shows great skills both in picture taking and in postworking too :)
Check his works at his Flickr gallery
Some films featuring him:
This is a naughty set I had the pleasure to shoot at his place... During the shot we got so excited about it and we started enjoying ... the fun part of making a porn photoshoot :)

The Casting Bed - Testing Aum - By Aurora Bentham
Aum Parx stopped by to be on my show. He heard I was the so called porn Queen So I decided to show him a sample of the barbie girl.

September 5, 2011

Quinn's Ring - Special effects masterpiece by Lee Horngold

Lee Horgold has released a short, but well made and tremendously naughty vid, featuring me as a lapdancer... The whole film has been shot in a studio created on purpose, featuring special shadow-casting lights. The whole result is amazing, and a really new style!

September 4, 2011

August 28, 2011

Bewitched - Nightly photoshoot

Shot at: Bewitched — Haunted Dark Forest —, Elven Mist (15, 44, 21)

On 28 Aug 2011, 7.05 PM

Skin: LAQ -Susan
Hair: Damselfly -Paisley
Dress: R.icielli - PETRA minidress /#9
Shoes: Sim-i-lar - Scilla
Stockings: Belle Breath of Lust
Necklace and Earrings: Magic Nook - Moon River

See more pics after the jump!

August 11, 2011

Lilith little party - new star in porn

Lilith, a famous owner of a brand of clothes, has two special talents: one is making making awesome outfits, and the other... making her customers happy ;D Naturally versed for sex, she enjoys giving little parties for all the guys that usually purchase her creations as gifts for their girlfriends.

She uses her gorgeous body to please as many of them she can and to satisfy her insatiabe lust, getting well repaid by their cocks! Working their way in every hole she has to offer they feed her with abundant flows of their juices... She enjoys every single one of them, feeling so lucky to be so close in contact with her uhmmm... clients :D

Look at her while she enjoys a superhot FOURSOME with three of the most thalented stallions in SL porn industry: Alexander Shumann, JohnHarley Twine, Ziggy Markova!
Enjoy the full photoset in the rest of the article!

July 1, 2011

Pleased by Svetlana - exploiting a sweet innocent girl

Svetlana Drasilova is a well known director, coming up lately with a nice series of movies I've been featured in... To thank her for her sweetness and love, I invited her on my beach, and we had some nice time together :)

LOL ... Thanks to Svetlana for her patience, see the full set after the jump!

June 30, 2011

Two Angels - Expect the unbelivable

I wanted to make a photoshoot with our sweet Emanuelle since forever... Last night, after buying a new sofa with nice poses, I called her to make a photoshoot, expecting an intense but professional session, but...
Tempted by her sensuality and soft and amazing beauty I lost my control, and let myself be driven only by my senses and the lust she has been able to unleash...
These pics have been the only ones I've been to take, but they are so hot I couldn't keep them for myself, enjoy them xox

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June 25, 2011

Samual Wetherby: Expressions Photography

A new talented photographer is coming on the porn scene: Samuel Wetherby, founder of the Dream Girls Inc, a new group on SL aimed to promoting and networking porn producers, directors, photographers and actors. Located at Behringa (184, 86, 26) the Dream Girls Mansion is a nicely built mansion providing several locations built to be used by content producers.
Planned to be released soon there's also a mag featuring many pornstars and producers, to be a showcase for all the new and established stars to promte themselves :)

Samual is offering his services as a photographer too, and like every serious professional he applies a reasonable fee for his works. But his creations are very well worth the expense :)

Samual Wetherby: Expressions Photography
Dream Girls Special
* Session
* 2 Outfits
* Post Editing
* 4 Edited Pictures
$1250 (Reg $2000)

June 16, 2011

After shoot with Silver

For those of you that didn't know... our old Silver has something boiling for us... This is the shoot I made for fun after the job was done :)

Being naughty all the time! the complete set after the jump!

June 12, 2011

Photoshoot by Pelon shot at DreamGirls

An improvised set can sometimes be an occasion to make an outstanding work... Just look at the pictures Pelon Beaton made me during a visit in a newly built land that I hope will become a set for new upcoming films! Just see and judge by youself...