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February 19, 2014

Lust Magazine February issue has been out since almost three weeks!

If you didn't read it, shame on you! :D Anyway, there's an easy way to mend : Get on the magazine website and read it to the last word!

February Issue 2014

Thorgal McGillivary by Quinn Ying, photos by Quinn Ying
Ivori Faith by Quinn Ying, photos by Quinn Ying
Athena Obviate by Meg Corral, photos by Meg Corral
Moonlight Brentley by Trysten, photos by Trysten
Jenna Bianco by Barrett Hawker, photos by Jenna Bianco
Kittyinda Henhouse by Barrett Hawker, photos by Barrett Hawker

Sexy Kitten Corner: by Purz Nirvana
No panty please! : by Quinn Ying
Emma's Hot Tips: by Emmanuelle Jameson

June 30, 2011

Two Angels - Expect the unbelivable

I wanted to make a photoshoot with our sweet Emanuelle since forever... Last night, after buying a new sofa with nice poses, I called her to make a photoshoot, expecting an intense but professional session, but...
Tempted by her sensuality and soft and amazing beauty I lost my control, and let myself be driven only by my senses and the lust she has been able to unleash...
These pics have been the only ones I've been to take, but they are so hot I couldn't keep them for myself, enjoy them xox

See more pictures right after the jump!

February 14, 2011

I feel myself - New vid by Kathrein Henhouse

The latest Katrein Henhouse release, featuring a grat cast, and inspired to "Blade Runner", for the dark and suggestive ambientations and the Vangelis soundtrack. Great special effects (shadows rule!), and editing keep the viewer attention up with a slow and relaxing sequence of girls lovingly pleasuring themselves.

Featuring: Chelsea Dollinger, Emanuelle Jameson, Kathrein Henhouse, Priscila Balogh, Quinn Ying, Yvonne Putzo. Coproduced by Katherein Henhose and S&A Production, Directed by Kathrein Henhouse.

See the movie after the jump!

September 16, 2010

La Cagna Ricca - Emanuelle Jameson new masterpiece

Yesterday, at Toy Slave Brothel of madame Aprille Shepherd, has been celebrated the premiere of the very much waited film of Emanuelle Jameson, featuring together real voice and lip sync!!!

Some issues with the site , that exceeded its disk space right during the film upload as stressed in Emanurlle post NAUGHTY MACHINIMA IS DOWN :(.

But the celebration continued flawlessly, thanks to the kind availability of the famous producer Cybercat Bekkers that offered his site, to host the film.

The film features an unseen Emanuelle wearing a new shape with long sexy brunette hair, which blessed our eyes during the premiere.

The story: "In this Second Life anime, Little rich Emmanuelle calls Enzo to fix her Ferrari. Then he makes her pay with her mouth, pussy and ass. Starring Emanuelle Jameson (formerly Jennnnna Jameson) SL's biggest porn star and Madame Aprille Shepherd."

Ckick this link to see the film