September 30, 2010

Darius - Just some Pornography

[2010/09/28 12:22]  Darius smiles.
[2010/09/28 12:23]  Quinn: Urban is not my style LOL
[2010/09/28 12:23]  Darius: Its alright I'll have you out of it soon enough :P
[2010/09/28 12:23]  Darius takes your hand and leads you over towards the bed.
[2010/09/28 12:23]  Quinn: So this is what I had in my closet lol
[2010/09/28 12:24]  Quinn: Already ? LOL
[2010/09/28 12:24]  Darius: Yep I got the shots earlier I needed of him and just got the shots I needed of them meeting :D
[2010/09/28 12:24]  Quinn: MMmmm ok

September 23, 2010

Pasquale Foden - hot sex on the beach photoset

Babe 3: (Babe3): Quinn Ying: "This week special guest for Babe 3 girl is Porn Director/Actress Quinn"

    Thanks to my Great friend Pasquale, owner of "Babe 3" and "Pas Foden Porn productions" for dedicating his weekly post to me! We took the shot a couple of weeks ago, he is a kind and handsome guy. At that moment I was working on my first video works, and was contacting SL bloggers to promote my works. Pas surprised me for his sweetness and passion, we met at his house and then moved on a solitary and sunny beach for the photoshoot. The gallery depicts our intimate moments of passion...

Some foreplay under the sun...

September 22, 2010

Feet for fun: Hot Kareen using her toes

What might happen if you take a smoking hot blonde pornstar on a sofa to play with you? Luscious Kareen shows her skills in giving hot action by using only her feet, and giving the insatiable Quinn an endless sequence of orgasms...

See the film clicking this link...

September 19, 2010

Nightly Suntan - Quinn gives her round bottom

What happens if you wander late at night in a land like Little Dream, known to be a place where people meet three times a week to celebrate gangbanging rituals and massive bukkake?
You might meet a warm and strong man, asking only to please you....

To the film, follow the link!

September 18, 2010

Little Dream in SL - the land of Bukkake Parties

     Little Dream is a Land beautifully crafted, with a lot of quality stores. Come there, you'll meet Bellejour Shinn, Little Dream owner and manager, a kind and warm girl that has been able to involve a small community around her land and club. Three evening a week and in three different times suitable to every time zone, Bellejour organizes dancing parties that gathers a good number of followers. As the number of attendants allows it, the party turns into a wild gangbang and bukkake party, making use of a large number of sexy poseballs and sexbeds displaced around the dance floor, where visitors are invited to be a part of some amazing shows. Usually at the end of these shows, girls come out completely covered in hot semen, kindly donated by their male counterparts...

BelleJour Shinn, the goddess of Little Dream, on the dance floor

September 16, 2010

La Cagna Ricca - Emanuelle Jameson new masterpiece

Yesterday, at Toy Slave Brothel of madame Aprille Shepherd, has been celebrated the premiere of the very much waited film of Emanuelle Jameson, featuring together real voice and lip sync!!!

Some issues with the site , that exceeded its disk space right during the film upload as stressed in Emanurlle post NAUGHTY MACHINIMA IS DOWN :(.

But the celebration continued flawlessly, thanks to the kind availability of the famous producer Cybercat Bekkers that offered his site, to host the film.

The film features an unseen Emanuelle wearing a new shape with long sexy brunette hair, which blessed our eyes during the premiere.

The story: "In this Second Life anime, Little rich Emmanuelle calls Enzo to fix her Ferrari. Then he makes her pay with her mouth, pussy and ass. Starring Emanuelle Jameson (formerly Jennnnna Jameson) SL's biggest porn star and Madame Aprille Shepherd."

Ckick this link to see the film

September 12, 2010

Brazilian Carousel - Juliana goes gangbang

The debut of the gorgeous Juliana Owatatsumi into adult films. This super hot brazilian girl manages multiple intercourses with 8 guys in less than 10 minutes, with a "juicy" cherry at the very end...

Another shadow effect film, featuring the SL gangbang queen Juliana Owatatsumi, the blowjob artists Emeelee Ember and Faye Nymphea, and a crew of the most trained pornstar bulls:
Scooby Mode, Dantonio Petrovic, VanHelsing Svoboda, Ivori Faith, Jinx Jiersen, Kennet Deerhunter, Herim Cygnet and Darius Firelyte!
Directed by Quinn Ying

The film is here, follow the link!

September 11, 2010

How to make a movie - Become a SL film director

A great tutorial, on how to use movie maker to edit your footage to transform it in a near professional quality clip.

September 10, 2010

Desire Cove 9-9-2010 - Pornstar Party

Desire Cove - 9-9-2010
A warm and sunny evening, a group of superhot adult movies stars, and the right music...
A Party to remeber
Featuring: Candi, Kareen, Bellejour, Sleepy, Saffo, Quinn (me) LOL

Photo by Sleepy Umia

See the vid, follow this link!

Hot lapdance for Pelon - Private sexy show

Met Pelon Peaton on a romantic beach at sunset, got charmed by his enchanting warmth... When he asked me to pose for a photoshoot, I gladly accepted and stripped in front of his camera. The location moved to his room, where I was able to show him my skills in hot body to body dance...

For more pics, follow this link!!!

September 9, 2010

Debut of a pornstar - Straight hardcore sex

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to announce the debut of a new promising adult film performer that is going to be one of the most showed up in the next season: me!!!
Thanks to her dearest friend Scooby Mode , the most talented and prolific director in the last 4 months, Quinn Ying has made her debut as an actress in adult film industry.

To see the film, click this link...

September 7, 2010

Sunset at Abrico - Threesome on the beach

First SL film featuring shadows effects!
While chilling at Abrico during a warm sunset, Priscilla and Desira meet a guy relaxing near the waterfall...
With Priscilla Balogh - Desira Lisa - Yaser Nagy

To see the film, follow this link!!

September 6, 2010

Candi's Orgybox is out!!!!

After two days of editing, finally my debut film in adult productions is out!!! Filmed at Candi Mendle personal skybox, Candi's Orgybox features a group of friends meeting during a boring night to chill and have fun for the evening. Soon, thanks to the kinky dance of Candi twirling around a pole, the night quickly warms up, leading the group of friends toward the rugs and beds scattered around the room...

Featuring a smoking hot Candi Mendle and the experienced performer Faye Nymphea, the cast includes the soon-to-be a star Vanessa Barzane and, as  guest star, the porn superstar Emeelee Ember. Male members of the cast include the super famous actor and director Scooby Mode assisted by the awesome Yaser Nagy and Herim Cygnet.

To see the film, follow this link!