May 23, 2011

Summer Wine - A sexy story told inside SL

The story comes from a very old song, born to be a B-side and that became immortal... It inspired me this vid, inviting to put in it all the new graphical effects allowed by SL today, to create the athmosphere thi tale deserves. Together with Bert we put in it all the sexy athmosphere coming out from it, and I hope all of you will appreciate it!
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"Lyrically, "Summer Wine" describes a man, voiced by Hazlewood, who meets a woman, Sinatra, who notices his silver spurs and invites him to have wine with her. After heavy drinking, the man awakens hungover to find his spurs and money have been stolen by the mysterious woman; the subtext of which being they experienced intercourse and as repayment she misappropriated them (them being his "silver spurs a dollar and a dime")"
To make it, I resorted to all the new shadows effects the new viewers offer, the interior scenes were shot using depth of field and projected textures, to display in every scene multiple sources of light, casting shadows to increase the overall realism and depth of every single shot. While the light coming from the outside through the windows has a higher temperature, showing more natural tones, the light sources from lamps simulates the light coming from a flame, with a more orange colour. 
Together they cast shadows that mix on bet sheets in different colours. This is the first example of shadows used in interiors, and required a set built on purpose.