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October 23, 2010

Afterparty with Kareen and Veronica

After a fun party at Ivori Faith place, the famous Twisted Shemales club, I invited Kareen and Veronica to check out my new studio, a skybox i'm planning to use for future productions ^^ My sweet friends volunteered to help me out with the brand new sexbed from Alina Animations, a great brand that can accomodate nicely up to four avies playing some great group actions :)

Quinn and Kareen take care of Veronica's perfect bum
The night turned up into a wild threesome the three of us enjoyed until the very end, almost two hours of pure lust and emotions....
See the complete photoset after the break...

October 20, 2010

New producer spotlight: Chip Myers

I'm very glad to introduce you a great producer, unfolding his wings in the porn industry these days: Chip Myers! This gifted guy is going to break into porn industry thanks to his deep knowledge of 3D techniques and advanced SL photograpy... So far he has worked with the most famous and talented SL pornstars, including Candi Mendle, Krystall Pearl, Veronica Milasevich (and me ^^). From his blog:
I like doing SL photography. I like being in SL photography and I prefer an erotic look. I'm going to do some pictorials and thanks to some killer ideas I think they're going to be good ones.
You can check out his works at his newly opened blog that features a very enjoyable photoshoot featuring The gorgeous candi Mendle, and a hot gallery counting all the who's who of today porn industry:

The awesome Veronica Milasevich by Chip Myers