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October 30, 2010

HaileyMarie - a proud red rose in my arms

   Finally, after finalizing some projects I was deeply involved, I let myself relax, by the better way I know: shopping! My house definitely needed a new sex bed, and she contacted me right in the moment I was asking some friends a good brand to trust... She was so kind, took me to the store and then to her house, where a beautiful moodded copy of the bed was showing in her bedroom...

  I met Hailey Marie at the beginning of her pornstar starlet career, she impressed me with her will and clever intentions... Felt at once her exceptional sex drive, driven by a strong will and a sheer awareness. She speaks joyfully, capturing me and making me want her madly.

We approached what was going to be a flaming encounter cautiously,but at the end we reached to a point we didn't want anthing else in the world... 
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