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May 21, 2011

Lost in space part 4 - Hot cyberpunk sex

I have the pleasure of  being featured in another suggestive and beautiful film of Kathrein Henhouse :) When I read the titles I couldn't believe she used Phoenix, the shadows are amazing, the tones and glows very soft, thanks to a careful choice of sky settings ... The set has been built carefully do create effects and athmosphere similar to Ridley Scott Films, but with a twist :P
And the sex is hot... watching it made me even naughtier than being featured!!! When I watched it the first time i thought "OMG it's me!" How do I look in my sci-fi outfit?

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February 14, 2011

I feel myself - New vid by Kathrein Henhouse

The latest Katrein Henhouse release, featuring a grat cast, and inspired to "Blade Runner", for the dark and suggestive ambientations and the Vangelis soundtrack. Great special effects (shadows rule!), and editing keep the viewer attention up with a slow and relaxing sequence of girls lovingly pleasuring themselves.

Featuring: Chelsea Dollinger, Emanuelle Jameson, Kathrein Henhouse, Priscila Balogh, Quinn Ying, Yvonne Putzo. Coproduced by Katherein Henhose and S&A Production, Directed by Kathrein Henhouse.

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