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October 14, 2013

How to make a RSS feed out of your page

Actually, I'm using a lot My.SecondLife.Com . It's a social network built in Second Life you are signed in when you join Second Life. It's built in the web profiles, and shows up first, under the "Feed" tab.
Actually, I find it pretty much useful because it allows me to quickly post some quick snapshot I make, or links to blog posts or marketplace items. What it really misses, in my opinion, is a RSS feed feature, to make it a part of other Social Networks.

Actually, a way is viable, through the service which is offered through a website that allows you to make a RSS compliant feed out of any web page. This service allowed me to repost posts to my Twitter and Tumblr account automatically, through Twitterfeed or Ifttt services. Here's the step by step procedure on how to do so.