December 11, 2014

Couple pose with goddess Shy Furlough

Owner of Bishpuddin , Shy Furlough is one of the most talented designers in SL... I love wearing her stuff it makes me feel so whorish and happy, plus I'm crazy for her tits, I'd so love her toes and ass in my mouth!
Please tp to her mainstore and buy everything you can, I so love you my bish wifey <3

December 5, 2014

Fetish Fashion: Rubber Nurse by Positive Zee

Did you ever have the feeling your nimpho submissive was deserving something better?
A total enclosure depriving her of every sensation, but keeping her in a constant state of arousal for extended spans of time?
Rubber Nurse from Positive Zee will achieve all of this transforming your slut in a striking hot, depersolalized, constantly in heat rubber doll.
The shaped fitmesh body provides all the necessary features to be used on itself giving head-to-toe detail, your happy doll will be given embedded stiletto heels and a complete hood to isolate her from the rest of the world.

Materials have been fully exploited to give a realistic ultra-shiny latex look and feel while adapting to the original shape. The pretty implant look breasts can be enhanced using your favourite implants brand. In this outfit I used the mesh body to turn myself in a latex clad inflated ubersexual doll.
keep reading for the complete stylecard and more shots: