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December 30, 2011

Quinn Shower: Director Damn*Hawt doesn't hide anymore :)

Inspiration for a movie can come from anywhere: A beautiful location, a smooth and expressive animation, or a suggestive music. Director's mains skill is to perceive all these stimuli, and turn them in a mashup where they can't be distinguished anymore from each other, giving back what director felt.
This film shows all this abilities, Damn*Hawt is a direcror able to create an athmosphere and a really hot sequence where nobody else could even imagine it.

Damn*hawt photography

Posed for a talented photographer and movie maker, Damn*Hawt really surprised me for his skills and ability to add dramaticity to his pictures... Mastering a wide range of techniques, he's able to render whatever sensation of the full spectrum a pic is able to transmit. Keep up the good job!