January 28, 2013

Designer's Choice #102 by Purple Moon

Skin: Wednesday ligt Skintone by Essences (L$70) TDR fusion #4
Hair: Desire Platinum by Argrace
Nails: Milky way by Mandala
Tangos tubetop included in basic implants
Poses by Labelmotion TDR fusion #4

Outfit: Designer’s Choice #102 by Purple Moon, (L$55) including:

Top: Mandy in White by Purple Moon
Leggings: Amor Leggings by Purple Moon
Boots: My Comfy Boots in Goldenrod by Purple Moon
Bag: Growl Handbag in Red by Purple Moon
Earrings: Ana Earring in yellow by Purple Moon
Bangles: Ana Square Bangles in Orange/Red by Purple Moon

January 25, 2013

Underboob shot

Underboob shot

Commissioned by Hoobs Hotties

Boots: Bellona by Sim-i-Lar
Hair: Shirley by Alice Project
Nails: Milky by Mandala
Bracelet: Frozen Dew Bracelet by Purple Moon
Belly Chain: Slut by Coy
Ass Piercing: Bitchy Cum Ass Pircing by Belle’s Breath of Lust
Clutch: Satin Clutch (Rose Gray) by Coco

January 17, 2013

Q as a Desert - Tasty vid by Phil Sidek

Phil got me in a Sherazade outfit for his latest vid, shot in a beautiful and suggestive desert sim. His talent and good taste are epic, his vids are true pieces of art. http://www.slporntube.com/video/2110/Q-as-a-Desert