January 31, 2014

Outfit #37: Sassy dress + Happy Undead skirt

3918#G@L CRM Nurse & miniskirt $Sassy $HappyUndead

Dress: Nurse dress w appliers - white / Sassy
Skirt: Mini Skirt [vinyl white] / Happy Undead
Hair: Give / Magika
Sandals: Palermo Unrigged Patent Shoes / Similar
Hair: Give / Magika

January 28, 2014

Outfit #36:Modamia dress + tara shoes

3918#G@L Ema Girls Night Out Flirty $ModaMia

Dress: Girls Night Out Flirty White with Tango Applier / ModaMia
Shoes: GLAMOROUS Shoes White / Tara
Bag: Mesh Clutch Metalt-Leather white / ILAYA
Bangles: Fearless Wrist and Ankle Cuff Bangles (platinum) / BOOM
Collar: Choker LHG Platinum / RYCA

January 27, 2014

Three is the perfect number - with Dariusde and Guillermo

I just love when friends come to help. Yesterday Guillermo and Darius showed up at my place at my call to give me what I was needing so bad, and I'm so glad they did ^^

January 26, 2014

When one thing leads to another - by Thorgal McGillivary

 Thorgal and I never stayed apart too much fun, we're that kind of friends that stay in contact for a while, and then stay without talk for months. 
But when we say hi, it's like not even a single day has passed. A couple days ago, he surprised me with this beautiful set of shots he made of me while working for Lust Magazine. 
He has a taste as a photographer, besides being one of the most recognizable and recognized directors on the scene. I gope this set will help you appreciate his work the way I do. Kisses, Q

January 24, 2014

Outfit #35: KaS catsuit + Rosal corset, boots and gloves

3919 EMA Latex Catsuit Thigh High Boots Corset $KAS $ROSAL

Dress: Catsuit / KaS
Corset: Lacet Corset - White / ROSAL
Collar: Victorian Posture Collar (RLV) Silver & White / D.D.M/ *BOXED*
Boots: Unmei Thigh Platform Boots - Multi / ROSAL
Gloves: Unmei Gloves - Multi / ROSAL
In hand: Riding Crop / Purgatory

January 21, 2014

Outfit #34: SpoiledLilBrat dress + Similar shoes

3926#G@L Ema Mini peek dress & Palermo $SpoiledLiLBrat $Similar

Dress: Quinn White Mini peek dress / SpoiledLilBrat
Hair: Awake / Magika
Boa: Feather Boa / PIE
Hands: Hands female 2 / Vika
Legs: Leg harness (LEATHER-FEMME} / Shi

January 17, 2014

Outfit #33: FnH Top/Skirt and Diktator sandals

3926#G@L Ema Ponygirl Belt Up $FnH

Top: "Belt Up" Top White / FnH 
Skirt: "Belt Up" Skirt White / FnH 
Collar: Bound Collar White / L.inc
Gag: Harness Gag: Ring / Cold Embrace
Breasts: Cuffed Breast OC V1.7 / Juliett Beaumont
Hands: Pony Heavy Mittens v4 / Mesmerize Dungeon
Sandals: Dare Horseshoe Sandals -  White / Diktator

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX October issue

January 14, 2014

Outfit #32: Bazookas dress + Hyperion shoes

3701 #K CRM Buck Wild Dress - Cheetah

Dress: Buck Wild Cheetah / Bazookas
Shoes: Sharon / Hyperion Creations
Hair: Give / Magika
Jewelry: Bangle Super Long Gold, Choker LHG Gold Anklet GB Heart / RYCA

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX August issue

January 12, 2014

Lust Magazine January issue is out!



Meg Corral by Quinn Ying
Eva Brunswick by Trysten

No Pnanties Please! by Quinn Ying
Sexy Kitten Corner Photo by Purz Nirvana
Enjoy it!!

•°o.O  Happy 2014 O.o°•


January 10, 2014

Outfit# 31: Motherfunken sweater + Lali's leggings

3715LCY Pink Microkini Top and leggings $motherfunken $lali

Top: Sexy Fishnet Sweater WHITE / Motherfunken
Leggings: Lolly Pink / Lali's 
Underwear: Microkini Tiffany Pink / QYN
Hair: Sharon Hair (Blondes) / *X*plosion
Belt: RYNA belt pink / R.icielli

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX August issue

January 7, 2014

Outfit #30: Coco Jacket + Boingo Jeans

3720EMA Booty Pants Cardigan Lace jacket $Boingo $Coco

Pants: Booty Jeans White / BOINGO
Jacket: Cardigan Lace / COCO
Sandals: Infra - White / Just Design
Choker: Wearable Choker / QYN
Breasts: vString X_X / Violet Studios

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX August issue