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September 4, 2011

February 21, 2011

Roman Bath - Hot new film by Elijah Pirythea

A new great preoduction from Elijah! Real hot scenes, stemy hot sex and orgy scenes and a really well chosen music create an irreal atmosphere, taking you in a vortex of exciting fun :)

"Pyrithea Productions is back with a Roman Touch this time. The Romans are well known for their parties, but not all parties are just parties. Watch Kennet, Quinn, Rocco, Luisa and astondude celebrate lust Roman style."
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February 8, 2011

Great *new* erotic releases by Elijah Pirithea

Elijah Pyrithea is one of the most famous and present since longer directors on naughtymachinima. He shored an oustanding nuber of videos (67) on this site, featuring all the most famous and sexy pornstars on the porn scene, while allowing a huge number of upcoming stars to have their chance in the boiling SL porn scene.

His efforts have always been towards creating wonderful and suggestive atmospheres in his movies, that take the viewer away in a sequence of extatic and hot sex scenes. His letest releases witness his efforts continually improving quality of shooting and editing, deserving him a place between the most innovative and given diretors in the current scene.

Unreal and Wetting the Bathroom floor are two films that definitely deserve a second and third view, for her intens and erotic athmosphere, making us to crave for even more works of this classic and recognised director . Check them in the rest of the article, with full introductions and links to see the original uplads.
Thank you Elijah!

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