March 23, 2011

Phoenix or Kirstens? Choosing your new viewer

The great offer of viewers, alternative to the official Linden Labs vesion, makes difficult for users to make a choice. This article will try to spot the differences between them and how they're going to evolve in the next future.

A quick recap first.. Once upon a time there was viewer 1.0. It was the only access door to Second Life, and in many cases it revealed itself as an obstacle to those willing to approach the most popular virtual world in the net, because of the long time needed to learn how to use it.
This viewer has been designed in a time people wasn't much aware of the great role interface design could play in a user experience. Focus was mainly on features users were supposed to need. At some point, Linden Labs started Snowglobe project, to allow the development of custom viewers, and people felt encouraged to improve it, adding more and more useful features that helped greatly in improving usability and user experience.
Inside this context many third party viewers were born, and among all Emerald Viewer, an alternative choice that many Second Life users adopted gladly, featuring a radar, a sim scanner, bouncing boobies, rlv and many interface improvements, like vertical chat tabs.

March 22, 2011

Quinn in Venice by Pelon

The famous director and photographer Pelon Beaton featured me some time ago in a photoshoot and a couple of films located in a beautifully reconstructed Venice sim, in the region of Prada. All the works are awesome and made in the typical style of Pelon, rich in sensuality and in visual effects.


Don't forget to check the second one, featuring me driving a gondola around the canal, for the joy of my old and dear friend Pelon. It's amazing and funny at the same time to see me in this unusual role :)
Click the link to see the full article. Hugsss and Kisses :)

March 8, 2011

So Fucking Hot !!! Ruff got in a movie

Let's do it!!! :) Today we met and Ruff made me notice he was never featured in some other director movie. So we decided to solve this situation and do it at once lol...
The result is a 15 minutes action of steaming hot sex ... enjoy it!
Hugggs kisses lixx and suckssssssssssss :)

See the film in the rest of the article :)