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April 7, 2011

Blogger Review: HaileyMarie Redrose

Hailey has been a long time friend here, a talented artist that quickly broke into the porn scene helping it to evolve with her precious contributions and awareness...

HaileyMarie Redrose 3

During the persistent turmoil that animates the community, helping new talents to emerge and successful people to show the path and inspire, she always played an active role through her blog ( posts, expressing her wise and equilibrate positions on all the basic questions that arised in the last months.
Lately, she's been committed to what is announced to be her masterpiece, a massive production that she's been able to carry on, despite all the contingencies that a long time production often encounters. She's quite there, it's "Sultrina", a sci-fi movie shot without compromises that promises to be a ground breaking event:
"This is it! The official Teaser Trailer for "SULTRINA," Evotica's debut film. The release date is sometime mid-January 2011, so keep checking your Group notices for info! In the meantime, here's some tantalizing footage of this upcoming XXX action/sci-fi epic."

She honored me to be her model in one of her photoshoots, an amazing collection of shots that show her top-level talent as a photographer. She made a great use of all the possibilities offered by SL photography and all the best tools available to anyone to produce an amazing series of shots!

In the rest of this article, you'll see all the complete series of shoots she made to me, plus some portraits I  made her, a complete filmography of all the films she was featured and a little secret!

November 17, 2010

Fifth element - a hot lesbian foursome

A moment of intense passion floating in the space and time... Four angels forming a hot love ensemble show their passion immersed in a dreamlike environment... A hot mesmerizing foursome starring: Faye Nimphea - HaileyMarie Redrose - Kareen Jaggernov - Quinn Ying - by Quinn Ying

The film is here, after the jump!

October 30, 2010

HaileyMarie - a proud red rose in my arms

   Finally, after finalizing some projects I was deeply involved, I let myself relax, by the better way I know: shopping! My house definitely needed a new sex bed, and she contacted me right in the moment I was asking some friends a good brand to trust... She was so kind, took me to the store and then to her house, where a beautiful moodded copy of the bed was showing in her bedroom...

  I met Hailey Marie at the beginning of her pornstar starlet career, she impressed me with her will and clever intentions... Felt at once her exceptional sex drive, driven by a strong will and a sheer awareness. She speaks joyfully, capturing me and making me want her madly.

We approached what was going to be a flaming encounter cautiously,but at the end we reached to a point we didn't want anthing else in the world... 
See the rest after the jump! click the link!