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October 15, 2010

Featuring on Babe 3 by Pasquale Foden

Pasquale foden has been one of the most excellent and prolific directors in SL. Although retired, he's still in activity as a photographer, running two blogs, Pas Foden XXX Blog and Babe 3 , where he shows his photographer talent depicting a new amazing model with a weekly cadence. I had the honour of being depicted there as a  model on September 21 as a feature model, and he really took some amazing pictures of me. He's a really great person and a sweet seducer, and I've been glad to pose for him and know him better during the time we spent after the shoot...

To see the full set, click this link :)

September 23, 2010

Pasquale Foden - hot sex on the beach photoset

Babe 3: (Babe3): Quinn Ying: "This week special guest for Babe 3 girl is Porn Director/Actress Quinn"

    Thanks to my Great friend Pasquale, owner of "Babe 3" and "Pas Foden Porn productions" for dedicating his weekly post to me! We took the shot a couple of weeks ago, he is a kind and handsome guy. At that moment I was working on my first video works, and was contacting SL bloggers to promote my works. Pas surprised me for his sweetness and passion, we met at his house and then moved on a solitary and sunny beach for the photoshoot. The gallery depicts our intimate moments of passion...

Some foreplay under the sun...