May 23, 2011

Summer Wine - A sexy story told inside SL

The story comes from a very old song, born to be a B-side and that became immortal... It inspired me this vid, inviting to put in it all the new graphical effects allowed by SL today, to create the athmosphere thi tale deserves. Together with Bert we put in it all the sexy athmosphere coming out from it, and I hope all of you will appreciate it!
If you like it, please click the link "Feature this on the bottom of the page!

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May 21, 2011

Lost in space part 4 - Hot cyberpunk sex

I have the pleasure of  being featured in another suggestive and beautiful film of Kathrein Henhouse :) When I read the titles I couldn't believe she used Phoenix, the shadows are amazing, the tones and glows very soft, thanks to a careful choice of sky settings ... The set has been built carefully do create effects and athmosphere similar to Ridley Scott Films, but with a twist :P
And the sex is hot... watching it made me even naughtier than being featured!!! When I watched it the first time i thought "OMG it's me!" How do I look in my sci-fi outfit?

See the film after the jump!

May 18, 2011

Crazy Quinn - caught in an agent uniform by Lee Horngold

For those of you with a fetish about uniforms, the last releases by Lee Horngold featuring me as a naughty agent, exploiting him as a convict in interracial prison! A great mix of music and location, he shows how nice is shooting in SL classic locations :) Making it good and having fun at the same time, that's my favourite style!