October 20, 2013

Pink Box of Sex (reuploaded)- Jhownn Warcliffe

Pink Box of Sex
Quinn Ying dances and perform in the first ad for JW Porn Productions. In return she has her mouth filled and her asshole stretched wide by the director's huge cock. He shows well the good use he can make of her qualities :)

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October 16, 2013

Outfit #9: Sugahtits bodysuit + Hoc Industries Boots

3205#I@S C4E Whoresque Bodysuit $SugahTitz POC Boots

Outfit: Whoresque Bodysuit by SugahTits
Boots: Tigh Boot by Hoc Industries
Fur: Republica Fur Jacket - White/Gold by Indyra Originals
Hair: Play - White by Elikatira

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX March issue

October 14, 2013

How to make a RSS feed out of your my.secondlife.com page

Actually, I'm using a lot My.SecondLife.Com . It's a social network built in Second Life you are signed in when you join Second Life. It's built in the web profiles, and shows up first, under the "Feed" tab.
Actually, I find it pretty much useful because it allows me to quickly post some quick snapshot I make, or links to blog posts or marketplace items. What it really misses, in my opinion, is a RSS feed feature, to make it a part of other Social Networks.

Actually, a way is viable, through the service http://feed43.com/ which is offered through a website that allows you to make a RSS compliant feed out of any web page. This service allowed me to repost My.SecondLife.com posts to my Twitter and Tumblr account automatically, through Twitterfeed or Ifttt services. Here's the step by step procedure on how to do so.

October 13, 2013

Fucking Slaves: Reuploaded BDSM Video by Jhownn Warcliffe

About a year ago, I had the chance to become a close friend of Jhownn and after a while he gave me the chance to be featured in some of his movies.
Excellent builder, and owner of a great collection of sex animations, he soon mastered the ability to build excellent sets for his films, quickly and accurately.

Last month, the magazine I work for featured an interview with photos by Erka Thorkveld. In his interview he explained he lost all his old movies, which included the ones I was in about six months ago, for unexplicable reasons. I remembered I usually save the movies I act for in my hard drive, and I found some of them stored where I expected them to be ^^
Since at the time he released them I didn't had the chance to write a post about them, I thought this could be a great chance to mend so I'm doing it now ;)

October 11, 2013

Outfit #8: Blush top and shorts + Rosal boots

3205#I@S C4E Top Sexy Pink $Blush Boots $Rosal

Top: Top Sexy Pink by Blush
Shorts: Black Cuti by Blush
Fur shoulders: Color.me by House of Fox
Boots: UNMEI Thigh Platform Boots by Rosal
Hair: Play - White by Elikatira

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX March issue

October 10, 2013

October 8, 2013

Outfit #7: Rachel Swallows catsuit

3205#W@S C4E SKYFALLEN leather catsuit White $Rachel Swallows

Outfit: SKYFALLEN leather catsuit White / Rachel Swallows
Necklace & Earrings: Please Me / Glow
Clutch: Parisian Romance Clutch Bag (Classic) MESH / Magic Nook 
Hair: Play - White / Elikatira
Skin: Wednesday Light Skintone / Essences

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX March issue

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October 6, 2013

Lust Magazine October issue is out:

This month issue featuring:

Cover pic by Quinn Ying

Adult furniture reviews: a great blog by Edvard Taurion

Ed has been a longtime friend, frequent vistor at Lenora, the land where I work and hang up often. He's also the owner of Taurion's castle, a successful niche sex themed land.
His newest enterprise is a new concept blog: http://edvardtaurion.blogspot.com/ .
Almost daily, he reviews a piece of adult furniture, complete with picture, test drive and specifications :) Oh I forgot to say that hes a great expert in furniture, having bought and used lots for years, to put in his public land, and for personal use of course!
His most recent review is about the Alina Animations Pool Table. More AA reviews Include:

October 2, 2013

Outfit #6 - Pink Sugar top + Hollypocket skirt

3130#K@S C4F Rapture $Pink Sugar
Top: Rapture (black) by Pink Sugah
Skirt: Barely there skirt-Coal-Circles by HolliPocket
Shoes: B.o.L.D.* Slut Stiletto by Belle's Breath of Lust
Clutch bag: Parisian Romance Clutch Bag (Black) by Magic Nook
Bracelets: Frozen Dew Bracelet in Platinum by Purple Moon
Choker: Wearable Choker black by QYN
Nails: Milky Nails by Mandala
Belly Chain: Belly Chain - Slut v2 by Coy
Hair: Play - White by Elikatira
Ears: Tunnel Stretched ears - Omimi by Mandala

As seen on Lust Magazine XXX March issue

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