September 16, 2011

How to make SL machinima - quick filming guide

This guide is provided as a tool to allow every user to start producing their own machinima, with the least effort and as quickly as possible.

It comprises ways to get around some of the most common pitfalls an inexperienced user might fall into, and the best hints to achieve a quality clip with the least effort. The basic steps are explained, providing valuable sources where needed, happy filming!

September 9, 2011

Sunset Foursome - hot action by Em & Lil Studios

Two women and two men get together at sundown for a fun foursome
Starring: Quinn Ying, Tyler St Taylor, Lexington Ballinger & Pump Action

The 6th movie Em & lil Studios has produced and neither Em or lil is in it!!
We didn't need to we had a fantastic cast.

September 8, 2011

Aum Parx - A new promising actor and photographer in the SL porn scene

Aum Parx is a new photographer in the SL Flickr community... Apparently at his beginnings, Aum shows great skills both in picture taking and in postworking too :)
Check his works at his Flickr gallery
Some films featuring him:
This is a naughty set I had the pleasure to shoot at his place... During the shot we got so excited about it and we started enjoying ... the fun part of making a porn photoshoot :)

The Casting Bed - Testing Aum - By Aurora Bentham
Aum Parx stopped by to be on my show. He heard I was the so called porn Queen So I decided to show him a sample of the barbie girl.

September 5, 2011

Quinn's Ring - Special effects masterpiece by Lee Horngold

Lee Horgold has released a short, but well made and tremendously naughty vid, featuring me as a lapdancer... The whole film has been shot in a studio created on purpose, featuring special shadow-casting lights. The whole result is amazing, and a really new style!

September 4, 2011