June 30, 2011

Two Angels - Expect the unbelivable

I wanted to make a photoshoot with our sweet Emanuelle since forever... Last night, after buying a new sofa with nice poses, I called her to make a photoshoot, expecting an intense but professional session, but...
Tempted by her sensuality and soft and amazing beauty I lost my control, and let myself be driven only by my senses and the lust she has been able to unleash...
These pics have been the only ones I've been to take, but they are so hot I couldn't keep them for myself, enjoy them xox

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June 25, 2011

Samual Wetherby: Expressions Photography

A new talented photographer is coming on the porn scene: Samuel Wetherby, founder of the Dream Girls Inc, a new group on SL aimed to promoting and networking porn producers, directors, photographers and actors. Located at Behringa (184, 86, 26) the Dream Girls Mansion is a nicely built mansion providing several locations built to be used by content producers.
Planned to be released soon there's also a mag featuring many pornstars and producers, to be a showcase for all the new and established stars to promte themselves :)

Samual is offering his services as a photographer too, and like every serious professional he applies a reasonable fee for his works. But his creations are very well worth the expense :)

Samual Wetherby: Expressions Photography
Dream Girls Special
* Session
* 2 Outfits
* Post Editing
* 4 Edited Pictures
$1250 (Reg $2000)

June 16, 2011

After shoot with Silver

For those of you that didn't know... our old Silver has something boiling for us... This is the shoot I made for fun after the job was done :)

Being naughty all the time! the complete set after the jump!

June 12, 2011

Photoshoot by Pelon shot at DreamGirls

An improvised set can sometimes be an occasion to make an outstanding work... Just look at the pictures Pelon Beaton made me during a visit in a newly built land that I hope will become a set for new upcoming films! Just see and judge by youself...

June 9, 2011

New pornstars tryouts

  Lately I have been hanging at Busty Sluts for black Cocks, a famous and much trafficked RP land to experiment shooting using the new Kirstens. There I met a lot of nice and kind guys, and asked them to be featured in some casting shoots... And found that making them is a real fun especially if the guy being casted has all the qualities a good pornstar should have...

Beat Brinner

Sakata Digfoot

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June 6, 2011

Love Boat - Lee Horngold

A nice and relaxing sequence of angles and shoots, innovative use of lighting and a huge orgy to spice it all up :) This movie Lee shot on in a beautiful environment turned out really sexy and full of pleasurable scenes :) Check it out!

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June 3, 2011

Sex at High Altitude - TNA Flight 69 by Pelon Beaton

This time we had great time on a flight at TNA Airlines... this time the great porn producer Pelon Beaton set its latest film in one of the most famous RP lands in sl, featuring a complete airport and plane setting!
He outlined pefecly the look and tarste of a real travel with amusing and entertaining lines to introduce the really hot scenes that take place inside the plane :) A really good job, outlined by an appropriate soundtrack ("Volare" by Domenico Modugno, an old classic italian singer)

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