April 18, 2011

Sexy Mashups

Seeing so many photographers around SL making great works by mixing inworld taken pics with real photos, I tried to do some too... :) would like your opinion on this small photoset I put up!

See the other pics on the rest of this article!

April 12, 2011

Morning with Boss Daddy

This is a quite old photoshoot I recently posted in Inferno... you can guess how much fun I had doing it, and I hope you'll like it too! I features the handsome Ruff Brocco (aka Boss Daddy) and me in a pink funny outfit :)

More pics in the full article!

Jinx Jiersen new photography

Jinx Jiersen has been a protagonist in the SL porn scene during the las year. Manager of the Keyhole hotel and cinema, which has been the first to feature naughthymachinima.com films streamed direcly in SL, he's been awarded with the "Best male actor" award this year for his appearance in the movie "Home Alone, Lock Up Vol'4" by the great director Alyssa Drechsler :)
Very well known for his 3D renderings of famous pornstars, he's now deep in SL photography, taking full advantage of the new effects allowed by the new generation of viewers. His gallery can be admired at his Flickr photostream.
Last week I have been honored to have the occasion of being in one of his amazing new photoshoots.
The results have been breath taking... He shows how well he masters lignining conditions and the choice of angles, adding life to his pictures :) Thank you Jinx!!!
In the rest of this article I posted the full photoshoot for you to enjoy! 

April 7, 2011

Blogger Review: HaileyMarie Redrose

Hailey has been a long time friend here, a talented artist that quickly broke into the porn scene helping it to evolve with her precious contributions and awareness...

HaileyMarie Redrose 3

During the persistent turmoil that animates the community, helping new talents to emerge and successful people to show the path and inspire, she always played an active role through her blog (http://hmredrose.blogspot.com) posts, expressing her wise and equilibrate positions on all the basic questions that arised in the last months.
Lately, she's been committed to what is announced to be her masterpiece, a massive production that she's been able to carry on, despite all the contingencies that a long time production often encounters. She's quite there, it's "Sultrina", a sci-fi movie shot without compromises that promises to be a ground breaking event:
"This is it! The official Teaser Trailer for "SULTRINA," Evotica's debut film. The release date is sometime mid-January 2011, so keep checking your Group notices for info! In the meantime, here's some tantalizing footage of this upcoming XXX action/sci-fi epic."

She honored me to be her model in one of her photoshoots, an amazing collection of shots that show her top-level talent as a photographer. She made a great use of all the possibilities offered by SL photography and all the best tools available to anyone to produce an amazing series of shots!

In the rest of this article, you'll see all the complete series of shoots she made to me, plus some portraits I  made her, a complete filmography of all the films she was featured and a little secret!

April 4, 2011

Hawt Funk Shake - Body phisics test with Kirstens S21(7)

Today, Linden Labs released the much awaited breast jiggling effect, already featured in Phoenix, in their experimental version of SL viewer. Meanwhile, the last test version for the upcoming Kirstens Viewer S21 (7) containing this revolutionary feature has been released (http://www.kirstensviewer.com/Blog/148.html)
This short vid I made shows the results that can be achieved, in a funny way :)

Details on how it works are explained in this article http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2011/04/second-life-avatar-body-physics.html
To use these new effects, LL created a new wearable, named "Phisics" containing all the parameters you chose to make bounce your breasts, belly and bottom (breasts and bottom can jiggle both up and down and sideways). This wearable then is baked with all the textures composing your avatar and sent to the other viewers. The result is that YOU decide the way other people will see your boobies bounce! (In phoenix every viewer decided how to see bouncing all the tits)