December 5, 2010

New Film: Quinn's Lifestyle #1 Libido Grand Opening Party

Last night I got an invitation to a beach party to celebrate the opening of Belle's and Alina's Libido land. While dancing, I met a nice and hot guy... The film is all about this story...
Shot entirely live at Libido ( Lenora(104,37,21) ), the new Land of Bellejour Sinn And Alina Graf, this movie features new graphic effects and the soundtrack by Ice Sun, a great techno trance music artist:

Getting the final thrusts...

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December 3, 2010

AleXo - Casting №10 (Quinn Ying)

I hav the honor of being casted by on of the most skilled new directors in SL, Alexandr Aho!!! A skilled builder, and a fine graphic editor, he exploits his qualities, along with his first grade equipment, to produce he most suggestive, crisp and sexy videos you can watch today on :)
See yourself what he's been able to make with his great skills!

"AleXo - Casting №10 (Quinn Ying) One of the best busty pornstars in SL =))"

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November 28, 2010

Master & Slave - New amazing film by Pelon Featuring Your affectionate :)

The slave (Quinn Ying) comes to see her Master. A steamy sex scene develops... Shot at SL Featuring Quinn Ying Directed by Pelon Beaton Music licensed on CC Video: Photolicious 2010

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November 27, 2010

Paid Debts - the last film of Jordin Swansong

One day, Jordin comes to collect his money... As EJ shows he's unable to pay Jordin instead takes EJ'S Girl in payment, and things get hotter very soon...

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November 24, 2010

The Farmer's Daughter: A new film by Alyssa Drechsler

While daddy is away, Quinn takes Stryker to the hayloft for some fun down on the farm...
This is the beginning of a nice story told by one of the greatest directors in SL, Alyssa Drechsler... She will amaze you with her GREAT locations and a music that fits perfectly the whole. You'll be taken for some minutes by a sexy and funny story, featuring me, Stryker Ninetails an Ray Lonergan, all of us had great fun doing it :)

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November 19, 2010

Rags To Riches (Portrait Of A Femboy Hooker) - Directed by CeCe Luminos

Another great proof of an experienced director, showing his abilities in telling a story through the words of a girl sitting on a hairdresser chair... I had the opportunity to work as a haidresser this time, and you'll be able to judge the results!!

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November 17, 2010

Fifth element - a hot lesbian foursome

A moment of intense passion floating in the space and time... Four angels forming a hot love ensemble show their passion immersed in a dreamlike environment... A hot mesmerizing foursome starring: Faye Nimphea - HaileyMarie Redrose - Kareen Jaggernov - Quinn Ying - by Quinn Ying

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November 14, 2010

Taxi Driver - The newest film by Pelon

One night I found myself lost into a dark obscure city, controlled by a few mafia gangs, running on illegal activities and fighting for the city domination... A taxy driver offered to take me home, but since I had no money to pay the ride, so I had to offer something else as a payment...

The newest Pelon film, this film has been shot live during a roleplay session at Syn City, featuring me and himself performing on a yellow cab parked in one of city's squares...

Read the original Pelon post here:
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November 7, 2010

New film from Pelon! IMPLANTS PARTY

Another great production from Syn city porn studios, directed by Pelon Beaton and featuring me, the busty porn actress Trixie Corpur and the new porn producer Mercy Beaumont!

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November 3, 2010

Boat ride becomes a cock ride - By Pelon Beaton

I got the honor to make a ride on Pelon's Riva motorboat... YAY!! After accepting his teleport, I found myself running all along his private lagoon, the sea wind blowing through my hair... The ride ended soon on a deserted beach, where we passed some more intimate moments....

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October 30, 2010

Sex at Six - Quinn gets some from VanHelsing

Quinn and Van meet late in an apartment during a warm summer afternoon. A steaming hot sex action!!!

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HaileyMarie - a proud red rose in my arms

   Finally, after finalizing some projects I was deeply involved, I let myself relax, by the better way I know: shopping! My house definitely needed a new sex bed, and she contacted me right in the moment I was asking some friends a good brand to trust... She was so kind, took me to the store and then to her house, where a beautiful moodded copy of the bed was showing in her bedroom...

  I met Hailey Marie at the beginning of her pornstar starlet career, she impressed me with her will and clever intentions... Felt at once her exceptional sex drive, driven by a strong will and a sheer awareness. She speaks joyfully, capturing me and making me want her madly.

We approached what was going to be a flaming encounter cautiously,but at the end we reached to a point we didn't want anthing else in the world... 
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October 27, 2010

A new star is born!

Hello, her name is Aurora Priscilla and she's beautiful... after 1 month waiting (really two weeks since I knew) last night Scooby took me to a clinic and helped me to give birth to this amazing little creature. I love them both, and proud of them. I was so thrilled and nervous, but with him by my side it all went smooth...
He never stopped amusing me and the staff, showing the man he is :-) Thanks to him and to the Rock-A-Bye Babies Birthing Clinic Staff, now this little wonder walks around in my house, and feels safe in my arms...
Love and Hugs, Quinn

Rock-A-Bye Babies Birthing Clinic
Birth Certificate Order Form
Delivering Doctor's FULL SL Name: Nurse Sass
Mother's Name: Quinn Ying
Father's Name: Scooby Mode
Baby's Name: Aurora Priscila Mode
Baby's Gender: female
Date of Birth: Oct 27, 2010
Time of Birth: 3:41pm
Baby Weight: 5lbs 15oz
Baby Length: 18" long

October 26, 2010

Ivori Faith shot at Abrico

Check out my last work at Abrico beach, featuring the hottest tgirl of Second Life modeling for me on the beautiful Abrico beach lighthouse :) She's lovely and smart, I enjoyed to work with her and I'm proud to be her friend!

October 23, 2010

Afterparty with Kareen and Veronica

After a fun party at Ivori Faith place, the famous Twisted Shemales club, I invited Kareen and Veronica to check out my new studio, a skybox i'm planning to use for future productions ^^ My sweet friends volunteered to help me out with the brand new sexbed from Alina Animations, a great brand that can accomodate nicely up to four avies playing some great group actions :)

Quinn and Kareen take care of Veronica's perfect bum
The night turned up into a wild threesome the three of us enjoyed until the very end, almost two hours of pure lust and emotions....
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October 22, 2010

Http:// a new photo site by Cybercat Bekkers

   Our great adult film producer and patient web administrator Cybercat Bekkers has created a new photo galleries site, where he's proposing his new photographic works! New and experimental photo editing techniques are shown on first grade Sl snapshots, and the results are amazing!!!

Check it out:

   Great Photoshoot from Cybercat Bekkers, featuring me and Sleepy Umia... A shoot in pure and fabulous latex, With Cyber creativity raging on somenew techniques to postprocess photos... In the while me and Sleepy were sexing like mad in our kinky outfits... :)

October 21, 2010

Quinn Ying is pregnant & loves sex: new film by Pelon

I met the sweet Pelon at the end of a long photoshoot at Abrico, I'll blog about in the next days.He reached me on the top of the lighthouse and took me by surprise... and what a pleasurable surprise! Pelon is one of my most sweetest friends and is always an immense pleasure to meet him...
He asked about my current conditions (I'm at the end of a beautiful pregnancy) and offered to help me relaxing on a chaise longue near the foreshore...
We had something like a corner of paradise together, he let me have sex the way I love the most and made me enjoy every moment...

You can see the awesome vid he shot on the rest of this article...

October 20, 2010

New producer spotlight: Chip Myers

I'm very glad to introduce you a great producer, unfolding his wings in the porn industry these days: Chip Myers! This gifted guy is going to break into porn industry thanks to his deep knowledge of 3D techniques and advanced SL photograpy... So far he has worked with the most famous and talented SL pornstars, including Candi Mendle, Krystall Pearl, Veronica Milasevich (and me ^^). From his blog:
I like doing SL photography. I like being in SL photography and I prefer an erotic look. I'm going to do some pictorials and thanks to some killer ideas I think they're going to be good ones.
You can check out his works at his newly opened blog that features a very enjoyable photoshoot featuring The gorgeous candi Mendle, and a hot gallery counting all the who's who of today porn industry:

The awesome Veronica Milasevich by Chip Myers

October 19, 2010

Young pornstars: Rocky

Not really a newbie, Rocky Mc Minnar was featured in Aurora Bentam and Jasmine Skyward films... The guy is very noticeable, so I decided to give him a possibility, and I didn't regret it...


See the others pics of this photoset !

    October 15, 2010

    Featuring on Babe 3 by Pasquale Foden

    Pasquale foden has been one of the most excellent and prolific directors in SL. Although retired, he's still in activity as a photographer, running two blogs, Pas Foden XXX Blog and Babe 3 , where he shows his photographer talent depicting a new amazing model with a weekly cadence. I had the honour of being depicted there as a  model on September 21 as a feature model, and he really took some amazing pictures of me. He's a really great person and a sweet seducer, and I've been glad to pose for him and know him better during the time we spent after the shoot...

    To see the full set, click this link :)

    October 14, 2010

    FFFun - Lesbian threesome at Gamba's paradise

    Thanks to the great Pornstars group, I managed to respond to a casting call from the great director Cybercat Bekkers from Sexy Bitch Productions, a kind and capable director I've always dreamed to work with!
    At my arrival at Gamba's Paradise, I've been greeted by the director, together with the two beautiful SL porsntars Desira Lisa and Faye Nymphea, two gorgeous girls I had the pleasure to work with in the past in my films...

     The film tells the story of three sweet friends that meet on a solitary beach to hang out and sunbathe... Soon the three girls get together on a beach towel, and things get warmer very quickly....

    October 13, 2010

    Pregnant women needs smooth sex

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Great news!!!
    I had the confirmation of my pregnancy... took the test, and knew the name of the breeder :) A pornstar obviously ... Waiting to know some more details about it, like the foreseen birth date and so on, I decided to reward myself (don't pregnant girls need a lot of treats?) and have a hot encouter with an old, affectionate friend, awesome guy and great fucker :)

    To see what follows, click this link...

    October 6, 2010

    Lapdance Lesson - Sex on a chair with Pelon

    I recently got an invitation by a famous director to pose for a photoshoot. He offered to give me a lapdance lesson, and I gladly accepted... What follows is a hard core scene worth to watch...

    By Quinn Ying

    Special thanks to Pelon Beaton for the lapdance lesson

    September 30, 2010

    Darius - Just some Pornography

    [2010/09/28 12:22]  Darius smiles.
    [2010/09/28 12:23]  Quinn: Urban is not my style LOL
    [2010/09/28 12:23]  Darius: Its alright I'll have you out of it soon enough :P
    [2010/09/28 12:23]  Darius takes your hand and leads you over towards the bed.
    [2010/09/28 12:23]  Quinn: So this is what I had in my closet lol
    [2010/09/28 12:24]  Quinn: Already ? LOL
    [2010/09/28 12:24]  Darius: Yep I got the shots earlier I needed of him and just got the shots I needed of them meeting :D
    [2010/09/28 12:24]  Quinn: MMmmm ok

    September 23, 2010

    Pasquale Foden - hot sex on the beach photoset

    Babe 3: (Babe3): Quinn Ying: "This week special guest for Babe 3 girl is Porn Director/Actress Quinn"

        Thanks to my Great friend Pasquale, owner of "Babe 3" and "Pas Foden Porn productions" for dedicating his weekly post to me! We took the shot a couple of weeks ago, he is a kind and handsome guy. At that moment I was working on my first video works, and was contacting SL bloggers to promote my works. Pas surprised me for his sweetness and passion, we met at his house and then moved on a solitary and sunny beach for the photoshoot. The gallery depicts our intimate moments of passion...

    Some foreplay under the sun...

    September 22, 2010

    Feet for fun: Hot Kareen using her toes

    What might happen if you take a smoking hot blonde pornstar on a sofa to play with you? Luscious Kareen shows her skills in giving hot action by using only her feet, and giving the insatiable Quinn an endless sequence of orgasms...

    See the film clicking this link...

    September 19, 2010

    Nightly Suntan - Quinn gives her round bottom

    What happens if you wander late at night in a land like Little Dream, known to be a place where people meet three times a week to celebrate gangbanging rituals and massive bukkake?
    You might meet a warm and strong man, asking only to please you....

    To the film, follow the link!

    September 18, 2010

    Little Dream in SL - the land of Bukkake Parties

         Little Dream is a Land beautifully crafted, with a lot of quality stores. Come there, you'll meet Bellejour Shinn, Little Dream owner and manager, a kind and warm girl that has been able to involve a small community around her land and club. Three evening a week and in three different times suitable to every time zone, Bellejour organizes dancing parties that gathers a good number of followers. As the number of attendants allows it, the party turns into a wild gangbang and bukkake party, making use of a large number of sexy poseballs and sexbeds displaced around the dance floor, where visitors are invited to be a part of some amazing shows. Usually at the end of these shows, girls come out completely covered in hot semen, kindly donated by their male counterparts...

    BelleJour Shinn, the goddess of Little Dream, on the dance floor

    September 16, 2010

    La Cagna Ricca - Emanuelle Jameson new masterpiece

    Yesterday, at Toy Slave Brothel of madame Aprille Shepherd, has been celebrated the premiere of the very much waited film of Emanuelle Jameson, featuring together real voice and lip sync!!!

    Some issues with the site , that exceeded its disk space right during the film upload as stressed in Emanurlle post NAUGHTY MACHINIMA IS DOWN :(.

    But the celebration continued flawlessly, thanks to the kind availability of the famous producer Cybercat Bekkers that offered his site, to host the film.

    The film features an unseen Emanuelle wearing a new shape with long sexy brunette hair, which blessed our eyes during the premiere.

    The story: "In this Second Life anime, Little rich Emmanuelle calls Enzo to fix her Ferrari. Then he makes her pay with her mouth, pussy and ass. Starring Emanuelle Jameson (formerly Jennnnna Jameson) SL's biggest porn star and Madame Aprille Shepherd."

    Ckick this link to see the film

    September 12, 2010

    Brazilian Carousel - Juliana goes gangbang

    The debut of the gorgeous Juliana Owatatsumi into adult films. This super hot brazilian girl manages multiple intercourses with 8 guys in less than 10 minutes, with a "juicy" cherry at the very end...

    Another shadow effect film, featuring the SL gangbang queen Juliana Owatatsumi, the blowjob artists Emeelee Ember and Faye Nymphea, and a crew of the most trained pornstar bulls:
    Scooby Mode, Dantonio Petrovic, VanHelsing Svoboda, Ivori Faith, Jinx Jiersen, Kennet Deerhunter, Herim Cygnet and Darius Firelyte!
    Directed by Quinn Ying

    The film is here, follow the link!

    September 11, 2010

    How to make a movie - Become a SL film director

    A great tutorial, on how to use movie maker to edit your footage to transform it in a near professional quality clip.

    September 10, 2010

    Desire Cove 9-9-2010 - Pornstar Party

    Desire Cove - 9-9-2010
    A warm and sunny evening, a group of superhot adult movies stars, and the right music...
    A Party to remeber
    Featuring: Candi, Kareen, Bellejour, Sleepy, Saffo, Quinn (me) LOL

    Photo by Sleepy Umia

    See the vid, follow this link!

    Hot lapdance for Pelon - Private sexy show

    Met Pelon Peaton on a romantic beach at sunset, got charmed by his enchanting warmth... When he asked me to pose for a photoshoot, I gladly accepted and stripped in front of his camera. The location moved to his room, where I was able to show him my skills in hot body to body dance...

    For more pics, follow this link!!!

    September 9, 2010

    Debut of a pornstar - Straight hardcore sex

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to announce the debut of a new promising adult film performer that is going to be one of the most showed up in the next season: me!!!
    Thanks to her dearest friend Scooby Mode , the most talented and prolific director in the last 4 months, Quinn Ying has made her debut as an actress in adult film industry.

    To see the film, click this link...

    September 7, 2010

    Sunset at Abrico - Threesome on the beach

    First SL film featuring shadows effects!
    While chilling at Abrico during a warm sunset, Priscilla and Desira meet a guy relaxing near the waterfall...
    With Priscilla Balogh - Desira Lisa - Yaser Nagy

    To see the film, follow this link!!

    September 6, 2010

    Candi's Orgybox is out!!!!

    After two days of editing, finally my debut film in adult productions is out!!! Filmed at Candi Mendle personal skybox, Candi's Orgybox features a group of friends meeting during a boring night to chill and have fun for the evening. Soon, thanks to the kinky dance of Candi twirling around a pole, the night quickly warms up, leading the group of friends toward the rugs and beds scattered around the room...

    Featuring a smoking hot Candi Mendle and the experienced performer Faye Nymphea, the cast includes the soon-to-be a star Vanessa Barzane and, as  guest star, the porn superstar Emeelee Ember. Male members of the cast include the super famous actor and director Scooby Mode assisted by the awesome Yaser Nagy and Herim Cygnet.

    To see the film, follow this link!